Conclusion, Project Costs & Resources



I wish to thank Luis Hernandez, Publisher of Motorcycle Shopper Magazine for the opportunity to write this article and race under the Motorcycle Shopper Racing colors; Jim Reed for his backing of this project, all the sponsors mentioned throughout this article for their support, as well as Thad Levandoski and Kirk Cossairt for their help and generosity.

I wish all of you lots of luck and enjoyment in your new project and hope to see you out at the track. And when you're there look for the white-and-red Motorcycle Shopper Racing CB350 with #158 on it and stop by and say hi.

Eric Kalamaja



Parts Cost
Frame n/c
Engine $50.00
Megacycle camshaft $184.00
Powroll piston kit, 348cc 12.5:1 $400.00
Powroll R&D valve springs $150.00
Porting, boring, valve grinding
and other miscellaneous machine work
Frame welding $150.00
Exhaust headers $50.00
Exhaust tailpipes $130.00
Exhaust welding $80.00
Carburetors $200.00
Miscellaneous engine components:
cam chain, cam idler, gaskets, intake
manifolds, seal kit, swingarm bushings
Koni shocks $240.00
Avon tires $280.00
Chain and sprockets (gearing set) $330.00
Rear wheel $125.00
Front-end (complete) $300.00
Paint $350.00
Done by self, time unknown
GRAND TOTAL $3,174.00



  • Powroll, Inc.
    4211 S.W. Mountain Parkway
    Redmond, OR 97756
    Phone: 541-923-1290
    Pistons and valve springs
  • Megacycle Cams
    90 Mitchell Blvd.
    San Rafael, CA 94903
    Phone: 415-472-3195
    Stage II cams
  • Bikes Only
    3609 Old Winter Garden Road
    Orlando, FL 32805
    Phone: 407-298-1556
    Body and frame painting
  • Royal Weld
    Attn: Rick Breckon
    WERA National Vintage Admin. Director
    113 Applewood Drive
    Longwood, FL 32750
    Phone: 407-831-7211
    Welding and bracket fabrication
  • Steve-o's Cycle & Salvage
    223 West 3rd Street
    Sanford, FL 32701
    Phone: 407-321-5225
    Honda CB400F gas tank
  • Sprocket Specialists
    P.O. Box 265
    Palermo, CA 95968
    Phone: 916-533-0802
  • National Fiberglass
    517 Beacon Street
    Akron, OH 44311
    Phone: 330-762-4527
    Front fender and tailpiece
  • Jemco Pipe
    1919-B Blaylock
    Houston, TX 77080
    Phone: 713-461-3834
    Exhaust tailpipes
  • Cycle Riders Suzuki/Ducati/Triumph
    4101 Old Winter Garden Road
    Orlando, FL 32805
    Phone: 407-295-0045
    Cylinder head porting, matching and cylinder boring
  • K&P Cycle
    Longwood, Florida
    Exhaust and foot controls welding
  • Kirk Cossairt
    Provided rolling frame and other misc.
  • Thad Levondoski
    Located hard-to-find items and helped in the wee hours
  • Todd Henning
    656 Commercial Street
    Provincetown, PA 02657
    Phone: 508-487-1140
    Motoplat ignition and close-ratio 5th output gear
  • Sundial Moto Sports
    Phone/fax: 540-651-6290
    Assembly and other misc. parts