Editors note

As Jim Reed mentions in his foreword, we've published 2 other articles that have become quite popular among the vintage go-fast crowd.

First came HowTo Build a Honda CB/CL 450-500T Vintage Roadracer followed by How To Build a Yamaha 2-Stroke Twin Vintage Roadracer. Eric, as a matter of fact, built the Motorcycle Shopper Racing Honda CB450, based on that very first "do-it-yourself" article written by Jim.

So, when I asked Eric if he would consider building a bike and writing the story as he went along, my timing couldn't have been better. Eric had been thinking of building a CB350 for quite some time and he quickly agreed to tackle the project.

After many months of hard work—and the support of many great people—the bike was ready to make its official debut on a race track. That was many moons ago and since then Eric has ridden the CB350 at many events,including Daytona, with excellent results.

We hope you enjoy his account of what is involved in getting one of these motorcycles in race-ready form.

For now, this article will be available only on the Web; however, we may release a printed version in the near future.

Ride safe, and thanks for your support.

Luis A. Hernandez, Jr.